Nepal Open Data Index?

Nepal Open Data Index is a crowdsourced survey which measures the openness of key data published by Nepal Government’s local bodies, Metropolitan City Offices, Sub-metropolitan City Offices, District Development Committees (DDC), Village Development Committees (VDC) etc. The main reason of running Nepal Open Data Index is to measure and monitor the state of open data across the local cities of Nepal. We believe, the Index is one right and easy tool where we can gather data availability from where publishers can also get encouragement to improve their published data standards and can peer-review everything. This will help in assessing the baseline of availability and nature of open data in Nepali cities so that we can identify gaps and plan actions to make maximum impact for minimum effort.

Each local city can also check their open datasets’ quality by comparing their data with others cities’ datasets. The another aim is to motivate and pressurize local bodies of Nepal government to publish their data under Open Definition / Open Format so that we can increase re-usability of government data. This will increase transparency and accountability of government and will bring innovation inside government data. Citizen participation will be increased and we can improve government efficiency and policy making.

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